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บ้านและสวนแฟร์ : Living Festival 2023

We will exhibit at Baanlaesuan Living Festival 2023.

We would like to introduce the 3 highlights of our booth at this fair.

■ Highlights of our booth at this fair

1 Release the new products

We are releasing a new product from the popular series “PURO”.

There are over 10 new items in total!

We will be exhibiting a new layout of PURO that has never been seen before.

2 Display the Japanese furniture

At the exhibition, we will be exhibiting Japanese brand furniture for the first time.

Furniture produced in Japan that selected by “source” will be on display at special prices exclusive to this exhibition.

Selected Japanese brand

 HIDA- 飛騨産業

Hida Sangyo is representative of Japan and originated from ” bent wood- 曲木” in Hida Takayama.

The company has a 100-year history since its establishment in 1920, and has created many popular products using advanced technology and abundant forest resources in Japan.

Currently, They continue to create innovative and warm furniture.

■Whisky Oak – ウイスキーオーク

Whiskey oak is a supreme material made from recycled oak barrels that have been soaked with whiskey for 20 to 30 years.

It has a unique texture that becomes richer the more it is used, and the whiskey oak series has nail marks and worn parts that are proof that it has been used as barrel wood, making it a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture in the world.


3 Special Promotion

①Special Price Promotion

We offer special prices for exhibitions only.

This is chance to get the products looking for at a good price.

②Gift Promotion

Enjoy gifts according to your purchase amount.

【10,000 baht~】

Jute bag

A simple bag made of jute material with the source brand mark.

It is a convenient size that can be used for short outings or as a lunch bag.

【60,000 baht~】

Room’s slippers

Room slippers made by a shoemaker.

Enjoy the structure with a focus on comfort, simple design , and wide variety of colors.

This year’s fair is also full of highlights.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

บ้านและสวนแฟร์ : Living Festival 2023

Date :27 October 2023 – 05 November 2023

Time :10.00 – 21.00 hrs.

Venue :Challenger 1-3

Booth:I63 – I67 / I89-I193