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All perpose! TOCCO Bench

TOCCO series with beautiful unique wood grain.
It’s also the beginning series of furniture from source, and it’s also our favorite furniture.

Although it has a light design, it has strength, so it is a versatile item that can be used throughout the room.
This time, we will introduce various ways to use TOCCO Bench.

■ For Dining

The most populary use is in the dining room.
And use in combination with the dining table is well established.
That room feels spacious because it looks smart without feeling oppressive.
It is also popular with families with a large number of visitors because it allows you to sit without restrictions on the number of people.

■ For entrances and corridors

It would be convenient if there was a place to sit when putting on shoes.
The compact depth does not get in the way even if put it in the front door.
It can also be used as a temporary storage place for your luggage. And can arrange favorite shoes and enjoy the display like a shop.

■ For compact table

It is lightweight and easy to carry, so can take it outdoors and use it as a table when the weather is nice.
It is convenient to put small things such as drinks and can easily enjoy the outdoor mood in the garden or balcony.

■ For Shelf

How about putting a bench in a corner of the room and using it as a shelf? It is also recommended to use it as a display space by arranging tabletop-sized foliage plants as shown in the photo.
The height is also low, so it fits neatly even if line up a lot.
If the furniture gets wet with water from the leaves, wipe it off with a soft cloth.

■ For TV Board

Seat surface is flat, it can also be used as a compact TV stand.
That need to be careful about the size, but the light and clean design fits in any room.

■ For Foot Bench

It can also be used as a foot bench often found in overseas bedrooms. A foot bench is a bench set at the foot of the bed, and you can create a hotel-like bedroom just by placing it. The foot bench can also be used as a place to put small items and prevent the comforter from falling under your feet.

A bench that can be used in various scenes regardless of location. It is a piece of furniture that can be used habitually for a long time while changing its use. Why don’t you take it into your home?

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