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source The second brand series “BIS”.
“BIS” means “Encore” in Italian.
The name was given with the hope that the encore’s voice will be a constant series.

BIS is gaining popularity not only for its excellent texture and functionality, but also for its stable and friendly design.
This time, we will introduce the features and points of such BIS.


■ The secret of popularity is the beauty of walnut

For BIS items, solid walnut is used for parts that are touched by hands, such as the pull tabs on the sideboard, and walnut veneer is used for the top plate surface and the front of doors and drawers.

About veneer is a thinly sliced wooden sheet attached to a board.
While most of that are about thick 0.2mm, BIS uses thick ones with 0.6mm.
Therefore, it has an excellent durability while making the best use of the texture unique to natural materials.

■ About Corner rocking

Look at the legs.
Do you see that the wood and the wood are unevenly meshed like gears?
This is called “corner locking”, and BIS uses this technique to join all legs.
Not only does it stop the warping of the wood and increase its strength, but it also accentuates the design and gives a sense of unity to the entire series.

-Recommend Items-


LD set of popular items of BIS series.
LD is an abbreviation for ”L”iving and “D”ining.
It is a style that can be used widely in the room by making the space for both living and dining.
Ideal for limited spaces such as rental condominiums.

Simply, 1.LD table 2. One arm sofa 3. Armless sofa
The LD style is completed simply by combining the three items.
Both the table and sofa are designed to be lower than the general dining set, so they do not give a feeling of narrow to the room.


Can choose the height of the dining table from 70 cm, which is common in general dining tables in Japan, and 64 cm, which is a low-floor type. The 64 cm LD table can be used in a style that combines a sofa.


The top of the sideboard drawer is designed so that the front plate of the drawer is 3.5 cm higher than the top plate surface.
It is easy to handle when pulling out and can be opened and closed smoothly.


Sideboard have wide variety of sizes, from a compact size that can be used for both living and dining, to a size that allows you to relax in the living room.
About Sofa072 and Sofa190 that can be used in the living room firmly support the body with a voluminous cushion.

BIS Sofa

Become a place for families to gather

Living dining where families gather.
We talked about the events of the day, surrounded the table, and even after eating, we all enjoyed TV and games …

The BIS series has a wide variety of living and dining items, so it is perfect for those who want to spend time with their families. It can be combined in various styles.
We will propose a set that suits your room layout and budget. Please feel free to contact us using the source store storefront or the online shop inquiry form.

This site has also a special article on the BIS LD set introduced this time.
If you are interested, please check it out.

BIS LD Coordinate


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