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BIS LD Coordinate

Last time, we introduced the features and functionality of the second source brand series “BIS”.

Among them, BIS’s “LD” items are attracting the attention of many customers.
LD is an abbreviation for Living and Dining.
It is a style that allows you to use the room widely by using the space for both living and dining.
The biggest attraction of BIS LD is that you can change the impression of your room by just changing the layout, orientation, and size even in a limited space.

This time, we will introduce various patterns of such BIS LD items.

Basic L-shape saves space.

There are three basic combinations of BIS LD: armless sofa, one-arm sofa (R / L), and LD table.
If you have these three items, you can use them for every scene of your life, from meals to relaxing with your family, relaxing time, playing with children and learning time.
Recommended for those who want to have room in a limited space such as a rental condominium.
The table also has shelves, so even if the table is cluttered, it’s a nice point to get rid of it quickly when eating.

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From L-shaped to face-to-face style.

From the basic shape of the sofa, which is L-shaped, it can be changed to a face-to-face style by slightly changing the arrangement of the table and sofa, and it can be easily redesigned. If you put a center table in between, you can quickly change the impression that you can use it in the living room or office business meeting room.

If the face-to-face style is a combination of a chair and a bench, or a chair and an armless sofa, the number of people who can sit is not limited, and a sophisticated atmosphere is created.
If you use 2 or 3 colors for the cover, it will be gorgeous.

Looking from the kitchen is important

Although the BIS LD sofa has a voluminous appearance, it is designed with a lower backrest than a general living room sofa, so when watching TV in the living room from the kitchen, it does not block your eyes and you can communicate with your family.
It’s easy.

Even if a sofa, table, and TV board are installed as a set, the space is compact enough to fit within 3m square.
Like the sofa, the LD table is smaller than the general dining table, so you can set it in a well-balanced manner.

This set is recommended for those who live with two people.

The one-arm sofa allows you to sit even if you stretch your legs like this, so even two adults can relax with plenty of room.
We tried to make the sofa a two-tone color here, but just changing the cover makes me feel like I’ve changed the look.

Various patterns even for a many people!

BIS LD that can be used by a large number of people.
The stool that appeared here can be stored under the table, so it can be taken in and out depending on the number of people, making it an easy-to-use item.

This layout is easy to incorporate not only at home but also in the office scene. It is U-shaped.

With this shape using the one-arm sofa R / L, you can see each other face to face while keeping an appropriate distance even during a meeting, so it seems that the problem can be solved smoothly.
Even the size of the most compact LD table 119 is large enough for the top plate.

Wide 3m bench!

Lastly, I would like to introduce a one-arm sofa (R / L) and an armless sofa arranged side by side.
The slim depth makes it difficult to block the flow line, making it perfect for office and store entrances and waiting spaces.

It is also good to put a side table etc.
Next to the armless sofa to use it as a luggage storage, or to coordinate it so that you can enjoy the display such as lighting and planting.

If you have any concerns or concerns regarding this combination of BIS or other interior items, please feel free to contact us using the source store store or the online shop inquiry form.
We will propose a set that suits your budget and room layout.

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