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Drinking coffee, working, reading a book …
What kind of cup do you use when you drink coffee?
The taste of coffee you drink in your favorite cup feels better than usual.
This time, we would like to introduce the items of OASI, a series of pottery from INTERIOR ACCESSORIES, which is perfect for enjoying coffee.

■ Simple design

OASI pottery made by hand by craftsmen at a workshop in Japan of Aichi prefecture.
A unique glaze application to the simply scraped form.
Of course, all are done by hand, so the texture of the glaze is different one by one.

■ Colors that look delicious

The inside of the OASI cup is finished in white color, which makes the color of the drink stand out.
When pour the coffee, the contrast between the white color of the glaze and the color of the coffee becomes clear, so can feel the color even deeper.

■ Warm material

OASI is made of pottery, it is said to be harder to cool and have higher heat retention than porcelain.
It has a softer impression than porcelain and is perfect for enjoying a hot drink.
Simple design, but it has a warm texture.

■ Easy-to-use Shape

The handle is easy to hold and light, so it is ideal for everyday use. The size is just right, so can enjoy coffee easily.
If want to drink plenty, we recommend the OASI Mug Cup.

L) OASI Coffee Cup / R) OASI Mug Cup

■ Functional saucer

OASI saucer can also be used as a plate. It has a flat design with no dents so that it can be used as a small plate.
It can be used not only as sweets but also as a bowl and plate for meals.
Simple and beautiful design makes the served sweets stand out.


Simple design, the OASI series will make want to use it forever.
As the usage expands, the dining table will become more enjoyable. The finish is different one by one, so please try to find your favorite.

These accessory have in our store in Sathorn.
If have interested ,please visit to our store.

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