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Many people are confused about the “Color of furniture” when choosing furniture for their room.
The color of the floor varies from room to room, but surprisingly any combination will fit in well.
This time, we will introduce the source coordination of rooms with various floor colors.
It would be great if you could find out what color of flooring and what color of furniture is close to your own image.

■ Dark brown floor

The dark brown floor color gives an impression of luxury and profoundness.
The recommended color for those who like cool interiors.

Even just one color on the seat will change the impression.
If you are worried about the atmosphere being too heavy, it is recommended to choose a bright chair such as white.
And If you want to create a classy space, choose a dark color such as black for the chair seat, and it will be tighter.
The PURO chair in the photo can be purchased with only the seat surface.
You can enjoy remodeling according to the season.

Bright colors can be added to the curtains and rugs to keep the space from becoming too heavy.
The color of the green(COLOR:A1 8 water lily) chosen for this cover is also an accent.

Also, if you arrange with indirect lighting such as floor lights, shadows will be created and the entire room will be stylishly organized.

■ Natural Color floor

A natural floor color with a moderate warmth and a bright impression.

It is easy to match with any interior and can produce a feeling of openness.

Choosing furniture that is the same color as the floor will give space with unity.
There is also a calm impression, and you can create a relaxing space.
Match the furniture cover color with Beige or Ivory fabric to create a more relaxed room.

Choosing furniture that is darker than the floor creates contrast and accentuates the furniture design and silhouette.
The interior is tightened and give space with classy.

■ White floor

If you want a simple and clean space, reccomended a white floor color.
White reflects light easily, which makes the room brighter and gives a feeling of elegance and cleanliness.
If you arrange the furniture in a series as shown in the picture, it will be easy to harmonize and the space will be calm.

Did you find your favorite coordination? If you look at a lot of pictures and imagine what kind of interior you want, it will be fun to choose furniture.
Please feel free to contact us as we also accept color consultations.

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