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Enjoy the interior with Pet.

A pet that is an important family.
We want to live comfortably and comfortably with such pets.

■ Fabric that match well with Pet

“MARBLE FABRIC” is a fabric that can be washed strongly against scratches by pets.

■ Resistant to scratching

Resistant to scratches and is the highest grade of Japan snag test It is of “S” class quality.

■ Washable

Since it can be washed with water, the cover can be kept clean.

A pattern just like a “Marble stone”. All source sofas are removable with coverings.

■ Color variation

There are 18 colors to choose from.

You can also enjoy choosing according to the color of your pet’s coat.

Enjoy living with your favorite interior and your family pet.

If you are interested, please ask by LINE or visit to Our showroom.

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