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Living dining for the whole family. We want to cherish individual time while communicating.
This time, we will introduce the recommended desks for living and dining with the theme of “desks that can be shared with the family”.

■ Cherish time with family

It’s good to spend time in each individual space, but it’s also good to spend time in the same space while feeling the existence of the family.
The SALA Desk 086 doesn’t take up much space when placed in the living room and fits neatly.
When the children back home, they can use it as a space to do their homework.
It’s good to get in the habit of going to desk.
If start studying in own room, it can move to that room and continue using it.
The compact size and simple design keeps using it over the years.
It can also be used as a workspace or a space for reading or writing in places other than the dining or kitchen between household chores.
It is a desk where can share time with your family at each timing.

■ Extensive storage items

“SALA” has a lot of storage items.
It can neatly store children’s study tools, school / work related documents, housework tools, etc.
If divide the drawers into zones, it will be easier to keep things organized.
There are also items that match the height of the desk top plate, so the top plate can be used widely and work efficiency is improved.
It’s better to be able to freely select according to what want to store and the size of the room.

■ Add a mirror to desk

It can also use it as a dresser by setting Stand Mirror 084 to SALA Desk 086.
The mirror is large and the angle can be adjusted, making it easy to get make up and dressed.

The desk drawer also has a removable tray, so it can store cosmetics and accessories together.
It’s simple and easy to fit into any room, and the mirror makes the room feel spacious.

It’s nice to have a space where can share while cherishing family’s time.
There is no waste, just put one and it will be useful for many purposes.
Why don’t you try it in your room?

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