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Fashionable & Convenient for multiple scenes / PURO LOW CABINET

source brand furniture has several items that are active in multi scenes.
This time, I would like to introduce “PURO LOW CABINET”.


PURO LOW CABINET is available in two sizes, 84cm wide and 124cm wide, and two colors, Belieze and Walnut.
Each item has a drawer and shelf board for excellent storage.

Then, below are some practical examples.

■ Scene① Dining/Living

In the dining scene, the drawers store cutlery and tablecloths. Shelves can be used to store plates and easily access additional plates from the dining table.

In the living room, enjoy the interior by placing books and objects on the open shelf.
Also that can hide items that interfere with the interior, such as remote controls for TVs and air conditioners, in drawers.
And available store items that do not fit on the TV board, such as books and DVDs, inside the shelf.

■ Scene② Entrance

For the entrance scene, it can be used as a shoe box.
Each shelf can hold 3 pairs of sneakers (4 pairs if you mix men’s and children’s shoes).
If it is a general tall leather shoe or sneaker, it will fit on each shelf even if all the shelves are used.
When storing boots and high-cut sneakers, you can remove one shelf board for each level you want to use, or drop it and place two on top of each other.

The drawer can be used conveniently by storing a shoe maintenance kit, spare shoelaces, and a mask before going out.

■ Scene③ Bed room

In the case of the bedroom scene, you can put glasses and books in the drawer and use it like a night table,
It is also recommended to put an aroma diffuser on the open shelf to improve the quality of sleep.
The shelf can be conveniently used by storing room shoes, room wear, etc.

Did you find the scene you were looking for?

The PURO LOW CABINET has 4 ventilation holes on the back, which is ideal for storing things such as the entrance where moisture is a concern.

PURO LOW CABINET that can be used in various scenes can be seen at source store bkk.
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