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Flexible working space

Y HOPE Working space

Desk space to increase work efficiency.

The must-have desk for those who work or study.

The dining table 147 Y HOPE is recommended not only for dining table but also as a work desk.
Also spacious table top (W147 D82 cm) can be used to set up a desktop computer or monitor.
The depth allows you to place an A4 printer or documents, creating a work environment on your desk.
And the shelf board under the top board is convenient for storing documents, tools, and equipment wiring.
By securing the space on the top plate, it becomes easier to operate and install the equipment at hand, and you can work for a long time without stress.

If you work with a laptop, We recomend compact dining table 091 Y HOPE.
With a tabletop (W91 D82 cm) that has plenty of room even when you spread out a tablet device in front of your computer or spread out a book or notebook, you can easily reach what you need and improve your work performance.
If you want to have your favorite items that you use every day.
How about creating a work environment with a desk that combines the beauty and functionality of wood?