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Living with pets

Recently, many people have pets such as dogs and cats.

Pets give us family-like tenderness and healing.
And Most people buy various goods such as toys for beloved pets.

So how do you choose furniture for your pet?
Is the sofa cushion damaged by a cat scratching or a dog biting?

Pet furniture is sold by a variety of furniture shops, but it may not fit the coordination of own room and case of uncomfortable to sit and touch.

Therefore, we would like to introduce a fabric that looks beautiful on sofas and chairs and is resistant to scratching pets.

Marble Fabric

Marble fabric pattern is looks like stone marble-like and It feel “simple” and “calm” impression.

Also this fabric have three more features.

❶Can choose many colors

Marble cover color have 18 colors in total.

It supports many colors from cold to warm.

❷Resistant to scratching

It is scratch resistant and has the highest grade of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), 5th grade.

❸Can be washed at home

Can be washed with water at home.

source brands sofa and chairs have removable covers that can wash and keep clean.

source×Marble Fabric

Marble cover that feels good on the skin and is resistant to scratches.
Get time to spend at home with your beloved pet.

Can actually see this fabric at the source store BKK.
If interested, please come to our store.

source blands sofa and chairs have removable covers that can wash and keep clean.

source store BKK
60/3 Soi Prong Chai Khwaeng Thung Maha Mek, Khet Sathorn,
Bangkok, 10120 Thailand.

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