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Interior accessories that get close to our daily life.

Our source bland have a wide variety of small miscellaneous goods that color our life, along with furniture, in order to make our daily life richer.

This time, we will introduce items made of various materials, from glass to pottery and wood products.
We hope that you will use it as a gift candidate for the coming season of your new life.



TOCCO GLASS made by hand blowing at a workshop in Aichi prefecture, Japan.
Hand-blown glass has different facial expressions and thicknesses depending on how it is blown, and no two are the same, and as use them, it will become more attached to them.


TOCCO Bottle

TOCCO Paper weight

TOCCO Glass dome

The glass has an open mouth design and can be used not only for drinks but also as a serving container for cold dishes.
And can easily make lightly pickled vegetables using paper weights.

In addition, the bottle can be used for single flower vase, cold sake bottle, dressing container, noodle soup container, etc., and the glass dome can be used for viewing by confining not only food but also air plants.
Since it is colorless glass, it fits into any interior space regardless of the scene.

OASI オアシ

OASI is also handmade by craftsmen at a workshop in Shimane prefecture.
Black mud (Kokudei), which is characterized by a matte texture, is used on the surface, and titanium is used for the glaze to make the best use of that texture, and the inside is finished in white to make the color of the drink stand out.

Although it has a simple form without waste, the taper angle is set to 7 ° so that it is easy to pick up, and we are particular about usability.

Green tea

Mug cup

Coffee cup

Soup cup

OASI with a Japanese -ZEN- atmosphere.
The green tea cup is recommended not only for drinking hot water, but also as a soba choko.
The saucer that can also be used as a plate is perfect for cakes and Japanese sweets. It seems to be useful for tea time.
Not only for your home, but also as a gift for your loved ones.


LINDO is made in a workshop in Gifu prefecture. Made of solid walnut, each one has a different expression such as wood grain, knot shape, and color.
The craftsmen carefully polish it and finish it with natural oil to make the best use of the texture.

Multi tray


Tea set tray

The multi-tray goes well with the TOCCO GLASS glass dome and OASI pottery introduced earlier, and as the name suggests, it can be used for breakfast, tea time, and children’s snacks. The tea set tray goes well with baked goods.

For pen tray

For accessory tray

In addition to hand towels and table wipes, the towel tray can be used as a pen tray, and the coaster with shallow digging can be used as a tray for small accessories such as clips, favorite rings and earrings.

source interior accessory with a design that is simple and has no extra decoration, while being particular about it.
It fits into any space and is not limited to one usage.
All of them have the warmth of handicrafts, and it will be attached to them, so please take a look at the source store BKK as well.

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