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Introduction of source store Aoyama

Since this summer, we have been preparing for the opening of the source store Aoyama(TOKYO) with the cooperation of many people.
Preparations took until the very last day of the previous day, but we were able to welcome the pre-opening on October 22 without any problems.
Starting in a new location was a series of tensions, but our customers and neighboring shops welcomed us warmly, and thanks to that, we are able to spend a fulfilling time every day.
This time, we will introduce the new source store Aoyama.

■ Location

It is located in Minami Aoyama Tokyo Japan, between OMOTESANDO Station and GAIENMAE Station.
It takes about 8 minutes on foot from either station.
We are opening on the Ground floor of the Earl Minami Aoyama Building, which has a unique and stylish appearance in 3-chome, Minami Aoyama.
This area is filled with sophisticated fashion brand retail stores, select shops, and galleries.
When you come to Japan, I would be happy if you could stop by while shopping.

■ Interior of the store

The walls and ceiling are finished with Australian water-based PORTER’S PAINTS.
All of our staff took several days to paint it up.
It is attractive that you can see various expressions depending on the time, weather, and season.

The floor is finished in natural solid oak.
This was also made in a custom-made color for the source store Aoyama.
Some of the walls are tiled. The craftsmen carefully stretched each piece one by one.
It was a very precious moment to see the craftsmanship up close.
I was impressed by the work that did not go unnoticed until the end.

■ Furniture

At the Aoyama store, you can see carefully selected items from all 6 series of source.
Each item is available in different sizes.
We will make a proposal according to the customer’s request.
We also style lighting and rugs that match the furniture.
source chairs and sofas are covered, so there are many customers who buy only the covers and enjoy remodeling after a few years.
We also have large-sized fabric samples, so I would be happy if you could actually touch and feel the actual product.

■ Accessory

We have a wide range of daily necessities that can be part of your life for a long time.
There are also many works by beautiful artists that will heal you just by looking at them.
Also some rare items that are hard to come by.
You can spend a rich time just by having your favorites at home. Please enjoy it at the store.

How was it. Although the store has just started, there are many opportunities to meet customers who have not been able to visit the Nagoya main store so far, and the staff are having a great time. thank you!
Information on the Aoyama store is also available on Instagram. Please take a look!

instagram source store Aoyama

The Aoyama store continues to brush up, and the grand opening is scheduled for December 1st.
We are also planning a campaign for a limited time during the grand opening, so please look forward to it.
I would be happy if you could find something comfortable for your customers and enjoy the interior freely.
We are looking forward to your visit.

【store information】

source store Aoyama

1F R-Minami Aoyama, 3-5-6 Minami-Aoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan
Open : Mon. Thu.-Sun.
11:00 – 19:00
Close : Tue.-Wed.

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