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Little drink at home

Hello. This is source Japan staff.

It’s been over a year since “STAY HOME” was spread.
I think that the way of thinking about how to spend meaningfully at home as you gradually get used to the changes in your life has changed considerably from before.

At source have items that I would definitely recommend to enjoy a drink or a small meal during your home time, so I will introduce them this time.


This is TOCCO GLASS, which is secretly popular in the source interior accesory goods line.
Glass have 3 sizes. The one in the photo is small in size, but it has a wide mouth, so it’s perfect for putting things that are easy to pick up by hand, such as vegetable sticks.
In the coming season, you can add raw vegetables and crushed ice cream and serve it coolly, or use it as a bowl for noodles or “somen” noodles.

Paperweight that can also be a pickle stone?

Actually, this usage is the most recommended this time.
This is cute shape, and TOCCO Paperweight is actually a weight when making lightly pickled vegetables.

Easy to make!

Put your favorite vegetables and seasonings in TOCCO GLASS, put paperweight on top and leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

…that’s all.

When eating, remove the paperweight and carry it to the table as it is in a glass, and it will become a container as it is, and it will be two birds with one stone with less washing.
Since it is a transparent glass, it will be colorful and fun to look at if you soak it in layers of dark vegetables.

Also for evening drinks with couples and partners ◎

With the TOCCO GLASS series, you can create a casual and fashionable drinking style that is a little different from other people, such as when you have a drink with your spouse or partner, or at an online drinking party.
Just by selecting a different vessel than usual, you can enjoy your time at home and feel better.

In terms of desserts, cooking, and interiors, TOCCO GLASS has many other uses that I would like to recommend, so I will introduce them here again.

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