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Living surrounded by books

source brand has furniture suitable for storing books.
This time, we will introduce recommended items for each scene under the theme of “Living surrounded by books”.

We hope that you will use it as a gift candidate for the coming season of your new life.


<Recommended items by scene>

■Living room

SALA Bookshelf

TOCCO Bookshelf

For those who want to store books efficiently, SALA Book Shelf and TOCCO Book Shelf are the best choices.
Due to its height, it can be fully utilized with space.
The storage on the wall is easy to see like a library.
It is useful not only for books but also for storing small items used in the living room.

If who want to keep the height down, TOCCO Low Shelf 077 is recommended.
It is easy for children and women to pick up, and the room does not feel oppressive.
And that can also enjoy the display as a display shelf on the top plate.
Also can decorate not only books but also your favorite interior accessories and greens.

When you combine the TOCCO One Arm Sofa 083 R and L, you’ll be happy to be able to reach the book right away while sitting.
With TOCCO Ottoman 039, you can stretch your legs and relax while enjoying a book.
If you put a book in a room where your family gathers, you will naturally have an environment where you can get close to the book. Let’s store your child’s books together.

We also reccomend create your own space in a corner of the living room.
The PURO Easy Chair can store paperback books under the arm.
That can store the book you are reading and read it immediately.
Please let combine with PURO Ottoman to relax and enjoy reading.

■Limited space

How about the TOCCO Side Table in a limited space like a loft?
In a small space, can immerse yourself in reading without being disturbed by anyone.

■Bed room

Reading before going to bed is said to give a good night’s sleep.
The frame of the PURO Bed can store paperback books, and it is convenient to reach the books immediately.
Reset of day’s fatigue with sleep from reading.

If possible always want to keep favorite books by own side.
If you choose a book that also serves as a storage other than books while storing your important books, your room will be neat and tidy.
Please let create a space where you can easily pick up a book at each place where you enjoy books.

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