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Neat and tidy storage

As we spend more time at home, we want to make our living room more comfortable.
A neat and tidy room is comfortable and longing.
This time, we will introduce you to the storage techniques that make it neat and tidy so that you can store things well and make your room comfortable to live in.

■ Before considering storage…

If you have a lot of things to worry about, take out all the things first and check them one by one.
Feel free to let go of anything you don’t use. Store lost items in a separate location.
It would be nice to sort the items you use according to the frequency of use, such as “things you use every day,” “things you use occasionally,” and “things you use once a year,” and store them in one place.

■ How to choose storage furniture

It is important to choose a storage item that matches your storage items. Storage space is also important, but let’s think about how you spend your time in the room, such as whether the items you want to store will fit, and which drawers and doors are easier to use.


You can see at a glance what is in the drawer storage. It is convenient for storing small miscellaneous goods such as stationery. It is also recommended to use it by dividing it with a tray. It’s easy to manage in place, and you’ll get into the habit of putting it back in its original place after you use it. You can keep your room clean because things will not be left out.
If you have a deep drawer, you can use stackable trays to make the most of the space.


Since the opening is wider than a drawer, it is suitable for storing large items. Since the height of the movable shelves can be adjusted, various items can be stored efficiently. Tall and heavy items can be stored in plenty.
If you want to organize larger items, we recommend using boxes to classify them.
Toys that tend to get messy can be neatly put away. Storage that is easy for children to find and easy to put away is good. It can also be used to practice and make a habit of tidying up.

Comfortable storage

Storage space is also limited, but it would be nice if you could organize your belongings neatly.
With a little ingenuity, you can realize convenient and easy-to-use storage every day.

■ Store in place

By storing the right materials in the right place, you can use them without searching for them when you need them, which improves efficiency. Let’s keep it in consideration of the appropriate amount to fit comfortably in the storage space.

■ Store in a convenient location for all family members

If you don’t have a fixed place to put it, you can put it anywhere you like, so your room will be cluttered and messy. It is convenient to decide the fixed position of things in the space where you spend time with your family, such as the living room. It is also effective to decide the storage space for each family. You can take it out when you need it and quickly return it to keep your room clean.

■ Store according to frequency of use

Let’s put together according to the frequency of use and behavior patterns, such as “things you use every day” and “things you use occasionally”. “Items that you use every day” should be stored in a place that is easy to put in and take out, and in a place that is easy to put back. Move the “occasionally used stuff” to a manageable place so that you can retrieve it when you need it. When storing in a box, etc., it is a good idea to label so that you can easily identify what is inside.

■ Organize by scene

If you store the things you use according to the scene you use them together, you will have everything you need when you need it, so you won’t have to search for it. You can also save time when preparing things by gathering items for seasonal use, travel, etc.

Storage that you can enjoy combining

The SALA series has the most abundant storage items among the source furniture. It has a natural taste and is easy to match, and can be used in a variety of situations, such as living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.
There is an article that introduced SALA’s storage items before. Please check the size of the room as well.

How was it. If you try to clean up all at once, you will get tired. Only 10 minutes a day! Only this drawer today! It is important not to overdo it.
It is also important to review storage according to changes in lifestyle.
How about using the storage items in your room to keep your room neat and tidy?

About the furniture introduced in this blog,If you are interested, please ask by LINE or visit to Our showroom.

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