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TOCCO Round Chair

Dining chair with a seat that rotates 360 degrees.

Since the seat surface is a 360-degree rotation type, you can go in and out smoothly just by rotating your body. You don’t have to lower the chair back and you don’t need space behind it.


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*สำหรับสินค้า Cover ระยะเวลาในการจัดส่งไม่เกิน 15 วัน

(ต่างจังหวัดคิดค่าจัดส่งตามระยะทาง กรุณาติดต่อเจ้าหน้าที่)

TOCCO Round Chair


W44 D53 H74 SH45



Internal structure: laminated plywood, urethane foam
Legs: Rubber wood
Painting: Urethane painting(PU)



Covering specifications(Cover=Made in Japan, it takes 3weeks for delivery)
Knockdown type

ผ้าอื่นๆ นอกจาก D1 ใช้เวลาจัดส่งประมาณ 3 สัปดาห์ (Make to order)

It has a simple design in which the seat is integrally molded from the back, and it is designed to fit the body with an angle at the key points and an emphasis on sitting comfort.

The upholstery is covered, so you can wash it when it gets dirty and keep it clean. You can choose the cover from the largest 51 colors in the brand. (Some are made to order)

It can be used not only as a dining chair but also as a desk chair.