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Y HOPE Sofa 184

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Sofa 184 (W184 D88 H91 SH38)

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Y HOPE is the series of designed furniture which mainly use solid wood walnut as material to seek for the beauty of the wood.

Y HOPE is the highest grade series of the source brand. It is a furniture series made mainly with solid walnut to present the beauty of wood grain. The common feature of this series is the detailed semicircular form of the sofa legs, rails, tabletop and cabinet legs. The series offers a simple product lineup that includes dining table sets with side chairs, arm chairs and benches, and living room sets with sofa and ottoman seating for 1, 2 or 3 persons. Accenting the sofa and table set are TV tables, sideboards and ornament cabinets.


Living Room

The friendliness and the beauty of Scandinavian style has been designed by the surface shape of the semi-circular which is common to the series item.



Sofa is a hight-back design, asked for beauty and comfort. The curve designed to match the back of human body, and the rich padding of cotton made the best wearing comfort.


Sofa 184 (W184 D88 H91 SH38)


ผ้าอื่นๆ นอกจาก D2 และ VESPER ใช้เวลาจัดส่งประมาณ 3 สัปดาห์ (Make to order)

เลือกสินค้า Cover อื่นๆ

source 40-Fabric cover

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