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Relax in TOCCO Livingroom

TOCCO Livingroom

A sofa that gently wraps around.

The one-arm sofa with only one armrest has a neat design that makes it easy to sit and lie down. The depth is wide and spacious, so you can sit cross-legged, lie down, and spend your time in a free posture. Even if the sofa with a reduced height is installed in the center of the room, it does not block the line of sight, so the space looks wide.

The TOCCO Low Center Table 077 can be placed in the corners that tend to be dead spaces, and used as a side table to make effective use of the space. By laying out the sofa in the corner along the wall, you can secure a wide aisle and create a visually spacious living room. The layout of the sofa is not only L-shaped, but if you put TOCCO One Arm Sofa 083L and TOCCO One Arm Sofa 160R side by side, you can use it as a spacious three-seat sofa, and you can flexibly change it according to the scene.


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