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Scandinavian styled furniture series designed based on the familiar round poles.

SALA is and Italian word meaning entrance hall or living room, or a room commonly called salon in the UK. Furniture to create space where you can relax as if you were in a salon can be totally coordinated with friedly and handsome Scandinavian style design made of Oak with knar. The wood used, bring SALA series furniture into your home and see how knars and grains slowly fit into the room and become a part of your family’s life over the years.


The round legs produce a warm feeling. Round poles also add gentleness to the furniture.


Unrestricted layout of furniture. All cabinets are 72 cm high and positioning one next to another produces a unified look.

SALA Chest&Board141

Knar. Trees have branches, and lumber has knars. Grains, knars and colors of different lumber differ due to the location and environment, such as weather, in which the tree grew. That means each wood is uniquely different.


Carefully designed chair focusing on comfort. Use of round poles, a common feature of the series, in a shaker-type shape is what makes the furniture handsome and beautiful. Elastic web belting is used inside to make the chair light and durable.


A 0.6 mm thick sliced veneer with knar is used to produce a solid wood-like atmosphere.

Strength of diagonal lines.Diagonal placement of reinforcing crosspieces from shelf bords to legs prevents tremor. Dining table with shelves. Convenient for placing tissue boxes and storing newspapers.



0 out of 5
5,300.00 ฿6,500.00 ฿

SALA Bench 112 HIGH

0 out of 5
10,400.00 ฿13,100.00 ฿

SALA Bench 133 HIGH

0 out of 5
12,000.00 ฿14,700.00 ฿

SALA Side Chair HIGH

0 out of 5
9,700.00 ฿11,000.00 ฿

SALA Bench 133

0 out of 5
11,700.00 ฿14,400.00 ฿

SALA Desk 105

0 out of 5
27,500.00 ฿

SALA Bed (King)

0 out of 5
47,700.00 ฿

SALA Desk 086

0 out of 5
25,000.00 ฿

SALA Board 086

0 out of 5
28,400.00 ฿
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