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My special seat

It’s already time, and there are only a few left this year.

The autumn season has ended in Japan, and the cold winter season has begun.

How are you planning to spend the New Year holidays ?

Would you like to create your own special seat for yourself who has worked hard this year?

Create a comfortable room where you can enjoy your hobbies and relax.

This time we will introduce easy chairs that add color to your life.

■ What is a relaxing chair?

An easy chair is a one-person chair that has a larger seat than a regular chair and also has armrests, so you can relax comfortably. When you think of “comfortable, relaxing furniture,” you probably think of a sofa. An easy-to-use sofa that can be used as a place for family gatherings, a place to lie down for a while, or a place to sit when guests come over. On the other hand, more people are looking for free living space, and are not placing sofas in their living rooms. Easy chairs meet the needs of people who want to live compactly, want to make their space look larger, and want a comfortable sofa for each family member.

■ Rich in designs

Just as people have different tastes in food, different people have different preferences in the comfort and design of sofas. source easy chairs come in a wide variety of designs with different seating comforts to suit your preferences and uses. It also has a removable covering so you can keep it clean at all times. In addition to fabric, you can choose from materials such as PVC (synthetic leather) and genuine leather, depending on your preference and purpose.

High back type

This high back easy chair is recommended for those who want to enjoy relaxing time such as reading or watching movies. PURO easy chair reduces back pain and stiff shoulders with a backrest that supports your head and a comfortable cushion that feels so good that you won’t sink into it. Store unfinished books in a small storage area under your armpit so you can pick them up and read them quickly. By combining it with the ottoman and side table , you can enjoy a more relaxing and comfortable time.

Low back type

For those who live alone and want to make their room look larger, we recommend the low-back easy chair, which has a compact appearance, is lightweight, and is easy to use.
The low height design creates more room in your room.
You can set it anywhere in the room, such as in the center of the room, to create an open atmosphere, and it is characterized by a high degree of freedom in layout.
SALA easy chair has a beautiful gentle curve and the warmth of knotted oak wood, and the back has a loose feel, so it won’t overwhelm your room.

The low-back type is more compact and lightweight than the high-back type, so you can place it in your garden on sunny days for outdoor living.

Enjoy an elegant tea time in the garden with your favorite side table.

■ Enjoy the layout

A layout where you can relax and enjoy the view of the garden and outside.
BIS Sofa 072 uses a technique called corner locking to join the legs. The striped finish gives it a modern look. The back frame has a strong presence, making it an accent to your room.
Easy chairs do not transmit vibrations even when sitting next to each other, so each person can immerse themselves in their own hobbies while being in the same space.

It is lightweight, the easy chair allows you to easily change the layout according to your needs and preferences.
Place the two legs facing each other to complete the hotel-like style. You can talk while looking at each other, making communication easier. Place the TOCCO accessory table in the center to create a luxurious space where you can enjoy conversation with your family while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Easy chair for your hobbies and for your family.
Would you like to find your own special seat?