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STOOL collection by Selected Brand

We have started handling new brands!

A new brand will be added to the Selected Brand of Japanese furniture carefully selected by “source
This time we will introduce the brands and items that have been added, mainly stools.

New Stool collection

■TENDO (天童木工) – Butterfly Stool

An iconic piece of Japanese design furniture that was designed by “Sori Yanagi”, a designer who laid the foundation for Japanese industrial design, and released in 1956.
This beautiful stool was born from the combination of Mr. Yanagi’s imagination and Tendo Mokko’s technology.
A simple structure made of two pieces of molded plywood of the same shape joined with brass fittings. Although it has a unique form, it can be matched with a variety of interior styles.

Design in Japan
Made in Japan

■Bow Stool

Bow stool has a simple form that takes advantage of the texture of wood.
Each item is handmade by craftsmen in Japan ( Gifu ), and is a high quality product.
It has a simple design and is a compact, so it can be used in various places.

Design in Japan
Made in Japan

■Whisky Oak Stool

A wooden Stool made from Whiskey Oak.
Can choose from three heights (H410/510/610) depending on the usage situation, such as for a counter, dining, or as a side table.

Design in Japan
Made in Japan

How to use STOOL?

■Plus one for dining

Stools are commonly used in dining situations.
You can easily arrange it as a seat for guests, or you can grab a cup of coffee and get up from your seat smoothly when you’re busy in the house.

■Sit for a while

It is also convenient to sit for a while when putting on and taking off shoes in the walk-in closet or entrance.
The light and easy-to-carry stool allows you to sit anywhere, including on the balcony.

■For accessory stand

If the seat is made of wood, such as the Whiskey Oak stool, you can use it as a stand to place interior accessories such as flower vases ,interior green and aroma diffusers as part of your interior coordination.

Enjoy your wonderful stool life!

This was a special feature on stools.
A stool that can be used in many situations and is convenient to carry.
It would be fun to own a stool with your favorite design.
In particular, all of the stools introduced this time are made in Japan, and we have carefully selected three brands that allow you to enjoy Japanese design and texture.

If you would like to know more details, please contact our staff using the LINE Official link on the top page.

You can view all series of stools from the link below.
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