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source has a lot of storage items and can be used in a variety of situations.
This time, We would like to introduce the storage furniture of source..


TOCCO Chest & Board drawer have a partation.
It is also convenient for organizing little size goods.
We reccomend to be able to fix the storage location for each space.
And partition plate is removable, it can be adjusted according to the stored items.


The top of the BIS SideBoard drawer is designed so that the front Board of the drawer is 3.5 cm higher than the Board top.
It is easy to handle when pulling out and can be opened and closed smoothly.


SALA has some storage items and can be set in various scenes such as dining, living room, and bedroom.


Y HOPE Side Board 133 is make from walnut luxuriously.
The wood grain is beautiful, and it is an item that can be placed at the entrance as well as in the living / dining room.


PURO Side Board 162 is a sideboard with a unique wood grain that accents your room.
Although it has individuality, its simple form makes it surprisingly familiar to any room.

<Specifications common to all series>

■ Soft close door

When opening and closing the door, bang! We have adopted a metal fitting with a built-in soft close function that closes slowly so that it does not close vigorously.
As it closes gently, it does not give a shock to the stored items.
If in a hurry, may inadvertently close the door vigorously, but even in that case, it closes slowly, so can use it safely.

■ Beautiful finish even from the back

In order to enjoy the layout of the storage furniture freely, we have made up the back so that it looks beautiful even from the back. You can use it even if you set it in the center of the room or the back of the sofa without worrying about the back.

■ Beautiful drawer to the inside

The inside of the drawer is all painted.
Every time you use it, it feels comfortable and makes the stored items look beautiful.

It would be great if you could find the perfect storage item for your home, considering the items to be stored and the space.

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