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Please read through your privacy policy before do registration with our website. Yoshiki (Thailand) company Limited. is committed to protect and respect your privacy at our best.

1. Usage of Information

The information that you disclosed to e.g. the name, address, e-mail address or information related to the purchase of product or the payment may be used to improve and promote the service, marketing, the service development of this website for most satisfaction and benefit of the customers. In addition, the reserves the rights to use your personal information for analysis at any time.

2. Safety of Information

The Personal Information that you have given or used through the processing of the computer controlling the function of is accepted and agreed to be the rights and ownership of

However, the warrants that your Personal Information shall be maintained as confidential and within the safety standard. Nonetheless, for the safety of information, you should strictly comply with the Terms and Conditions of the service of this website.

As for the general users, the access to their own information requires the member username and the password issued by only. 

3. Amendment, Modification and Removal of Information

You are able to amend, adjust, and modify the information in your personal information by your own by using the member username and password issued by to access to your personal information.

The amendment, modification, addition, or removal of such information by using the member username and password exclusive shall be discretion of yourself recommended you should that keep your member username and password as confidential. will not request for your password and in the event that you share the computer with others, please sign-out at the time you finish the service or close the browser after you finish the service in order to prevent any persons use your information which may cause you the damage.

4. Disclosure of Information to Third Person respects your privacy right. Therefore, your information received by shall be principally used in accordance with the purpose of this website only and shall not permit any Disclosure of Information except by the authorized staff and by the followings cases:

1. Permitted by you:
2. Necessarily disclose required by laws for the purpose of the investigation or court hearing: and

3. The Disclosure of Information is in compliance with the law or the order of the relevant government

5. Copyrights by law (Copyrights) and Limitation of the usage of this website

Please be informed that the rights of the message, picture, sound, content, trademark, service mark, name, trade name, presentation, information, news and any components appeared in this website solely and legally belong to the and are protected under the Intellectual Property Law of Thailand. Should any person imitates, counterfeits, copies, modifies, publicizes, distributes, makes available for rent or commits any action for the commercial benefit or unlawful benefit from the abovementioned intellectual property without any written permission from or the owner of trademark in any cases., on behalf of the Yoshiki (Thailand) company Limited, shall ultimately proceed with the legal proceeding against the infringer and the right of the usage of this website shall immediately be terminated if the users violate the Terms and Conditions of the usage of this website.

6. Termination/Withdrawal of Membership

6.1 In case of any damage to other user/ website or the Company, the user accepts to be responsible for the actual damage in all aspects.

6.2 In case that the member/user commits or is appeared to have the intention which is contrary to the law and public moral, the Company reserves its rights to withdraw the membership immediately without prior notice and if there is appears any damages, the member/user shall be responsible for such damages.

6.3  The may withdraw, limit, change, increase/decrease the credit amount as it is deemed appropriate. As you have registered to be the membership of, such means you have accepted the conditions.