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Colorful meals are gorgeous and even more delicious.
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It is said that the visual influence of the taste is greater than the taste.
Studies have shown that the ability of human senses to collect information is 1% for taste and 80% or more for vision.
This time, We will introduce the colors that color the table.

■ Meals that make use of the colors of ingredients.

Firstly,Incorporate the five colors “red, white, yellow, green, and black” into dining.
Naturally, the variety of ingredients increases and can get nutrients in a well-balanced manner.

Each color have some meanings.

Meat and fish have high quality protein and fat. Tomatoes are also useful for skin beautification and cold prevention.
Rice, bread, noodles, etc. contain sugar, which is an energy source. Dairy products such as milk are also nutritious ingredients.
Miso and natto have been reviewed as fermented foods and are highly nutritious ingredients. Pumpkin and citrus are rich in vitamins.
Broccoli, spinach, etc. have high antioxidant activity and are rich in vitamins and minerals to improve the function of the body.
Kelp, seaweed, and mushrooms are low in calories and contain plenty of dietary fiber and minerals to improve the intestinal environment.

Anyone can easily get started because it can be confirmed by color without specialized knowledge of nutrition. It’s easy for children to understand, and it’s good for food education.

■ Time-saving recipe with 5 colors of ingredients

Introducing salad recipes that incorporate colors. Even busy people can easily finish it in about 10 minutes without any hassle. Please try it.

<Zucchini salad>

【Ingredient color: white / green】

Zucchini has a strong image of being fried in oil, but the skin is soft and can be eaten raw during the season. Can enjoy it refreshingly on a hot day.

Slice the zucchini, arrange it on a plate, and sprinkle with chopped onions. Simply sprinkle with olive oil, squeeze the lemon and sprinkle with salt. When cooled in the refrigerator, it is cool and delicious.

<Pumpkin and cream cheese salad>

【Ingredient colors: yellow, white, green】

Pumpkin is packed with sweetness and is ready to eat. It’s easy to finish without using fire, and it’s perfect for baguettes!

Cut the onion into thin slices, soak in water and mix with vinegar. Cut the pumpkin into a suitable size and heat it in the microwave for about 5 minutes to break it roughly. When the heat is removed, add mayonnaise, onions, ground pepper and salt. Cut the cream cheese and mix it roughly. Add parsley to the finish and sprinkle with nuts such as walnuts and almond slices to improve the texture.

<Potato mustard salad>

【Ingredient colors: red, black, white】

It has a slight mustard effect and is recommended as a snack or garnish for beer and wine.

Put olive oil and garlic in a frying pan, add bacon, potatoes and mushrooms when it smells, fry well and season with salt and pepper. When it becomes soft, put it in a bowl and mix it with mayonnaise and mustard.

■ Make your daily meals more delicious

If have favorite dining set along with the color of your meal, can have a conversation with family and enjoy meal time.

If have your favorite dining set, it will be fun to cook.
Why don’t you using seasonal vegetables to add color?

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