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Time spent with family and friends

It’s December, but it’s the end of the year when I notice.
At the end of the year, we want to sit around the table with family and friends and enjoy delicious food and time with people.

This time, we will focus on PURO’s popular round table, Circle Dining Table 112, set various situations under the theme of “Time spent with family and friends”, and introduce practical examples.


Case of busy morning

In the morning, you are busy with household chores such as getting dressed, making lunch boxes, and doing laundry. However, even so, I want to eat breakfast well.

Even on such a busy morning, if you have a round table with food and drinks in the center of the table, you can easily reach out from any seat, and you can share your meal at your own pace.

Ideal for Hot pot

Hot pot is delicious when eaten together.

As with the breakfast style introduced earlier, can reach the central pot at the same distance from any seat and usable take meal at own timing.
The good thing about the round table is that it is easy to see the faces of each person sitting. It is easy to communicate when you give the additional ingredients and side dishes around the pot to the person who needs it, or when you have a drink.

source Recommended pot recipe!
●Refreshing chicken salt lemon pot

The hot pot we prepared for this shoot is “Chicken salt lemon hot pot”. It has a very refreshing flavor with little oil, so you can enjoy it until the end without getting tired of it. It’s easy to make, so I’ll introduce the recipe this time.

・Chicken thigh
・ Shrimp dumplings
・Chinese cabbage
・ White onion
・ Scallions
・ Maitake mushrooms (even mushrooms of your choice ◎)
・ Lemon (1-2 pieces)
・ Chicken soup base
・ Black pepper (coarse ground)


1. Cut lemons into round slices with a thickness of about 3 mm, cut meat and vegetables into easy-to-eat pieces, and divide mushrooms such as maitake mushrooms into small bunches.
2. Add chicken, chicken broth, water, sake, and a little salt to the pan and heat over medium heat.
3. When it boils, remove the lye, add vegetables and mushrooms, cover and simmer for about 5 minutes.
4. When the ingredients are cooked, add the sliced lemon and add black pepper to finish. If you like, add some lemon juice or lemon juice to make the flavor even more refreshing.

If you add nampla or coriander, or tighten it with pho or somen noodles, it will look ethnic and you can enjoy it as a fashionable hot pot.

Enjoy games

Besides meals, the round table is also very useful for playing cards and board games, which are fun only when there are a large number of people.
In the case of PURO, it is a size that can afford even if 5 adults sit, and can see each other’s faces from any seat, so it is easy to read facial expressions and communicate, conversation is lively, and can have a fun game time.
The seats next to each other and the seats facing each other are within a reasonable distance, and it is also good that they are easily accessible in card games.


It is a round table that is surprisingly easy to use because everyone who sits on it can easily reach the things on the table than square table.
The PURO circle dining table has solid legs that give it a sense of stability, and the shelves under the top plate are convenient because you can quickly clean up things on the top plate that tend to be cluttered.

Do you mind if it fits the floor plan of the room or take a place?
If you are uneasy, it is easy to imagine if you read this article as well.


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