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TOCCO Living Coordinate

The oldest TOCCO series in the source brand.
Among them, the living item We would like to recommend most now.
This time, we will introduce the living coordination recommended by the staff by scene.

Wide and cohesive corner style.

It seems that multiple items are lined up, but only two items are used on the sofa.

There is plenty of room for four adults to sit down.

In this layout, two one arm sofas (❶) and one sofa (❷) are combined in a corner style.

In fact, the one arm type sofa is a talented item that makes the most of the combination.

In addition, by arranging a side table or living table so that you can easily reach it from any position you are sitting in, you can create a space where you can spend a long time.

Recommended for those who are looking for a comfortable space even if a large number of people gather in a large living room or office.

Recommended for relaxing time for couples style.

This coordination is the easiest to incorporate in this article.

If you remove the one arm sofa and side table for one person from the corner style, you can stretch your legs and sit comfortably in a couch style.

Even if two adults sit with a couple, a couple, or a friend, there is plenty of room, and of course, even at home with children, the size is such that the whole family can sit.


If you change one of the one arm sofas for two people to one person and install the living table as a corner table, you will get a different atmosphere. If this is the case, we can handle it even when visiting customers.

Incorporate it in the office and casual reception style.

The atmosphere changes drastically, and if you place the sofas face-to-face, you can create a reception style. It can be used not only in the guest room of the home but also in the reception room of the office, creating a dignified atmosphere and creating a feeling of relief.


The sofa on the left side looks like a double arm sofa, but in fact, it is a one-arm sofa for one person. (❷ + ❸)

For example, if you install a living table between this one-arm sofa …

In this way, it can also be used like a lounge, and it is possible to realize a higher-grade hospitality space in the waiting room and entrance of the office.

The one-arm type sofa for one person is also an excellent one that can be used flexibly in such scenes!


Combine with an ottoman or low shelf to enjoy a personal reading space.

Reading time that makes you indulge in reading for a long time. You want to be as comfortable as possible.

By moving the ottoman (❸), one can be made into a chaise longue style, which quickly transforms into a space that can be used by two people.

In addition to books, you can put audio, favorite accessories and greens on the low shelf to enjoy each hobby.

Furthermore, for those who want to spend their time alone, this set is also recommended.

A. a minimal set of one-arm sofa + side table + ottoman.

This is the perfect place to spend your time alone.

The side table has shelves, so even if you store things you use often, books, magazines, newspapers, laptops / tablets, etc., this combination makes it easy to reach what you need, and it is also a good blindfold. It also looks neat.

B. The one-person sofa with both elbows is a footrest that is just right for a man (model height: 175 cm) when the ottoman is placed a little away from the sofa body, and it is so comfortable that you can just nap.

So far, we have introduced it with full volume, but may there be a usage that we staff have not yet discovered? TOCCO’s living item has a wide range of possibilities.

In the STAY HOME mood that seems to continue
I want to spend more time at home …
The interior of the house is also rut … Is it about to be reviewed?
I think there are some people who think that.

If you have any concerns or concerns regarding this combination of TOCCO or other interior items, please feel free to contact us using the source store store or the online shop inquiry form.
We will propose a set that suits your budget and room layout.


Thank you.

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