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We invite source Partner Shop

Currently, we are looking for partner shops to live up the “source” brand that originated in Japan, regardless of industry or scale.

We entrust source products to partner’s shop all over the world who share the vision and concept of “source”.

We guide customers to our stores online, such as online shops and SNS, and for retailers, we act as a partner shop to direct the source space offline and We would like to build an O2O system.

Anyone from any country in the world can participate to source partners shop.
* Excluding countries where we already handle our products


First of all, I would appreciate it if you could take a look at the following information and be interested.

About us

We are 株式会社吉桂(Yoshikei Co., Ltd.,) a furniture office and wholesaler headquartered in Nagoya, Japan.

We export furniture based in Japan and Thailand. We propose furniture, interior, and lifestyle which meet the needs of customer from not only our own manufactured product, but also over 200 suppliers products carefully selected from all over Japan.

Among our own manufactured products, we have the “source” brand as our main brand.

We have 3 source specialty stores ‘source stores’ operated by us.

・source store honten (Nagoya) ☞IG ACCOUNT

・source store aoyama (Tokyo) ☞IG ACCOUNT

・source store Bangkok (Thailand) ☞IG ACCOUNT

In addition, we have more than 10 partner shops in Japan. Overseas, we have a contract with a company that handles sources in 5 countries.

Please see below URL for details.

About partner shop

You will give a display a source furniture in the corner of the store currently operated by the owner.

We provide general support for store creation, such as interior design, product selection, and layout.

【Support content】

・Proposal of shop interior design. (floor, wall, etc.)

・Proposal of sales floor layout, fixtures, various accessory, etc.

・Promotion of partner shops using our SNS and WEB sites.

Construction example


source brand has many series and items, so that can be laid out according to the floor plan.


The walls and floors are made of carefully selected materials to bring out the mood of the brand.


We carefully select accessories that make use of japan material and imported materials that match source furniture.

How to transaction

It is possible to export from Japan and Thailand where YOSHIIKEI CORPORATION or YOSHIIKEI THAILAND CO.LTD is located.
We will propose the best method for exporting to each country.


If you are interested, please feel free contact us using the Google questionnaire form or our email address first.

Contact form for source Partner Shop

※Please use freely the contact form to inquire about detail of terms and conditions of transactions.