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Starting this month, we will introduce an item called Source’s Monthly pick up item to tell you about the source’s furniture.
This month’s Pick up Item is “Y HOPE Dining Table”.

Y HOPE, Which has items using Black Walnut from North America in the source series.
The Dining Table in it is made with plenty of solid Black Walnut.



Steel diagonal beams are used on the dining
tables,benches and living room tables
making them strong yet light.

Table, Chair and Bench have the same design and the same tree species.
There is a sense of unity in the design, and a sense of unity in the interior design is created throughout your room.

The wooden part of the chair is trim yet the
use of elastic belting for the inner part of the
seat makes the chair light and strong.

Design by Japanese Designer, and production in Thailand.

This Table have 3 size.
Dining table 091/147/168



Series:Y HOPE


Dining Table 091 (W91 D82 H70)

Dining Table 147(W147 D82 H70)

Dining Table 168(W168 D82 H70)

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